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About Sayaka Alessandra

Sayaka Alessandra was born in Rome on September 12, 1985. She is half Japanese and half Sicilian. Her early years were spent in Bangladesh and India where her parents worked.

Singing soon became a passion of Sayaka. When she was in high school she sang in the choir under the direction of musician and composer Richard Trythall.

Sayaka now has a B.A. in Media and Communications from The American University of Rome where she also studied singing with Professor Timothy Martin, singer and actor, who starred in the Italian stage production of  'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?'.

In 2005 Sayaka worked with Sky Italia as a TV presenter, where she had her own daily live show as well as providing the weather forecast in English, Italian and Japanese. She also had the pleasure of introducing various countries and cultures of the world.

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